About Counter Nature

Counter Nature was founded in April of 2020 with the goal of providing a community for the amateur and semi-professional competitors of the CS:GO game. With Counter-Strike and professional gaming reaching such a pinnacle, much of the amateur and lower-league recognition has disappeared from scenes.

In October 2021, Counter Nature will begin transitioning into a more holistic approach to our content and community. We are opening the doors to the metaverse.

What we do

Previously, we covered the major amateur and semi-professional leagues and tournaments of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We also sponsor our own CS:GO team, Counter Nature.

While we will continue to produce content for the CS:GO community on our website and YouTube, this content will evolve into covering things that are forward-thinking and innovative in nature. The Counter Nature brand will evolve--you will see soon.

Founder: JAYEL
Name: John
Twitter: @CounterNature
Lead Analyst: R700
Name: Remington Rossignol
Twitter: @R700Reports
Host: Xner
Name: Cole McHenry
Twitter: @xner20
Twitch: xner
Twitter & Analyst: gingaa
Name: Seth Bishop
Twitter: @gingaaCS
Columnist: PoeticRascal
Name: Taylor Hays
Twitter: @TaylorHaysCS
Manager: tempo
Name: Diego Gomez
Twitter: @future_CSGO
Analyst: NoVa
Name: Noah Vaknin
Twitter: @NoVa__FPS
Analyst: rdb
Name: Ryan Brunetti
Twitter: @RyanDBrunetti
Name: Jacob
Twitter: @icyjl
Twitch: icyy_cs


Name: envy
Twitter: @envyxoxo_
Twitch: envyxoxo
Name: Zander
Twitter: @zander_fps
Twitch: zanderfps


Name: Jake Younan
Twitter: @SPERMYcsgo
Twitch: spermyboi
Name: Beakie
Twitter: @beaKiew0w
Twitch: BeaKiew0w
Name: Ryan Brunetti
Twitter: @ryan_brunetti

What to expect

Counter Nature wants to give recognition to the gamers who are working hard to compete and advance to higher league tiers. We will give attention where attention is due through our weekly articles, Twitter, and eventual YouTube and Twitch presence.
We hope you enjoy following along as we grow this exciting community that gives back and recognizes the hard work put into our game of Counter Strike. We have lots of plans for the future, so expect this page to evolve over time.
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