Founder: JAYEL.eth
Name: John
Twitter: @ivpjohn

What we do

Counter Nature is a brand of the metaverse. We've been building content and living inside the digital worlds of Twitter and Twitch since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Our current focus is on our newsletter, Counter Nature Letters: Living at the crossroads of Web3, inspiration, investing, motivation, markets, education, and most importantly--the future.

Letters are delivered every Sunday so that your mind is enabled with imagination and perspective for the coming week.

This newsletter is not like any other you have been a part of. These letters are different, and you want to start reading it as soon as possible so that you can get ahead of the curve for this next phase of the internet.

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Our History

Counter Nature was founded in April of 2020 with the goal of providing a community for the amateur and semi-professional competitors of the CS:GO game. With Counter-Strike and professional gaming reaching such a pinnacle, much of the amateur and lower-league recognition has disappeared from scenes.

Counter Nature  covered the major amateur and semi-professional leagues, tournaments, teams, and players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We've also sponsored and streamed our own Counter Nature CS:GO team over the past 5+ seasons of competition.

Counter Nature was and still is a named pillar in the North American Counter-Strike scene. We have scouted and highlighted many up-and-coming players who started their professional careers in the articles, tweets, and videos produced by Counter Nature. We pushed the boundaries of traditional esports reporting and scouting for who we were and what we started as.

Counter-Strike will always be at the heart and core of what we build at Counter Nature. Having started playing the game about 15 years ago, it's somewhat fraternal. No other game has a connection with its players the way CS:GO does.

Past and Present Counter-Strike Staff

🟢 Founder: JAYEL
Name: John
Twitter: @CounterNature
🔴 General Manager: Djswang
Name: Victor Zheng
Twitter: @DJSwang
🔴 Operations Manager: Lonewolf
Name: Syed Ali Atiq
Twitter: @lonewolf_24_33
🟢 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team
Team Captain: Truepain
AWP: Wo0o0o
In-game Leader: CAJUN
Lurk: swifty
Entry: dAVE
ESEA Advanced S41 Record: 10-4 (As of June 9, 2022)
🟡 Columnist: 
Name: Taylor Hays
Twitter: @TaylorHaysCS
🔴 Content & Analyst: R700
Name: Remington Rossignol
Twitter: @R700Reports
🔴 Host: Xner
Name: Cole McHenry
Twitter: @xner20
Twitch: xner
🔴 Twitter & Analyst: gingaa
Name: Seth Bishop
Twitter: @gingaaCS
🔴 Content & Analyst: NoVa
Name: Noah Vaknin
Twitter: @NoVa__FPS
🔴 Manager: tempo
Name: Diego Gomez
Twitter: @future_CSGO
🔴 Coach & Analyst: rdb
Name: Ryan Brunetti
Twitter: @RyanDBrunetti
Name: Jacob
Twitter: @icyjl
Twitch: icyy_cs


Name: envy
Twitter: @envyxoxo_
Twitch: envyxoxo
Name: Zander
Twitter: @zander_fps
Twitch: zanderfps


Name: Jake Younan
Twitter: @SPERMYcsgo
Twitch: spermyboi
Name: Beakie
Twitter: @beaKiew0w
Twitch: BeaKiew0w
Name: Ryan Brunetti
Twitter: @ryan_brunetti

What to expect

We guarantee you the most authentic, aspiring, imaginative, and well-educated opinion and facts in all of our content. Counter Nature exists to break from the norm and deliver insight that the world needs right now.
Please, stay around and become a part of our community. We have so many things to do and we want all of you to be a part of it. There are bonuses for getting involved at these early stages (yes, we're obviously talking about NFTs--just kidding, but not completely).
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