As I¬†have been introducing more and more friends to the NFT and Web3 world, there has seemed to be one constant in my conversations:¬†Learn via Twitter ūüź• With that being said, I¬†figured it was time to put together my own curated list of accounts. I¬†follow many more people in this space than listed below, but after reviewing all of them several times, those I¬†have included below are my favorites. I¬†hope this page can bring someone value,¬†cheers!
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The OG. Most respectable, innovative, and rational being in the NFT space.
My favorite artist IRL, turned NFT beast. He's non-stop in this stuff--a great personality in the space.
Another OG with good forward-thinking NFT and crypto perspectives.
Founder of Visualize Value; Has incredible insight into digital culture and has a ton of quality content.
Solidity developer who has opinions with a bite, and the knowledge to back it up.
Artist of the first NFT I purchased (DEVOL #42); The King of Hypebeast NFT Culture (think KAWS of 2025).
Live-performance stage visuals artist for Travis Scott, Beyonce, and many more, turned NFT artist.
Female artist and DJ; I've found a number of cool projects from her tweets, and she's cool.
Real estate NFT innovators. Created and sold the first apartment NFT in Ukraine.
Met this guy at one of gmoney's Proof of Ape locations in Wynwood, Miami. Rational and innovative perspectives.
Who I purchased my first NFT from on secondary market. Always talking about new and fringe projects in the space.
Founder of Propy (Real Estate NFTs). Obviously, she has lots of valuable insight.
YouTuber who finds and blasts scammers; He is now super-involved in finding NFT scams and scammers.
Blockchain and DeFi journalist; He has great reporting on the space.
Quicksilver brand of the evolving metaverse-meets-reality culture.
Super-modern artist who works with AI and much more. Creator of the most innovative and anticipated NFT project.
Creator of Ethereum. Seems pretty relevant in the NFT space, don't it? 
This is me. Creator of Counter Nature, fintech start-up guy, NFTs, seeking new perspectives.
Great NFT and Web3 show by Jack Butcher, Trung Phan and Bilal Zaidi. Great Twitter content, too.

May 3rd, 2022 at 12:20 AM EST: Removed Jacob Martin because I don't follow him anymore; Added @counternature.

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Removed Visualize Value, Jack Butcher's main account posts enough of the VV content; Added @shegenerates.
- October 18th, 2021 at 6:00 PM EST: Removed Nayib Bukele, I don't agree with his perspectives anymore; Added @stephensullivan.