ESEA Season 34: Advanced - Pre-Season Picture

June 20, 2020
Article written by: Remington "R700" Rossignol

With season thirty-four of league play right around the corner, we here at Counter Nature have taken the time to look at some of the teams competing in North America. Season thirty-four is shaping up to be one of the hottest seasons yet, with loads of heavy hitting teams in North America’s top amateur league. The Advanced division is down eight teams from last season, clocking in to its new structure at fifty-four teams. All of which are vying for a shot to compete in this season's MDL relegation tournament. Keeping track of all these teams may seem like a lot, and it is--which is why we have done it for you! So, sit back, relax, and get ready. Here are some of the key storylines for the thirty-fourth season of ESEA Advanced that you should know with the season getting ready to kick-off. 

Lethal Divide: Aspiring to be No. 1

Lethal Divide

It was thirteen days ago from today that starting player eptima was issued a one year ESEA ban for malicious activity. Admins cited that he had acted out of conduct for using hate speech while impersonating other Rank G members. Despite this, last season’s fifth placed team looks to rebound and make the new season theirs.  

With consti coming in as their new fifth, the team looks poised to not only compete in the MDL relegation tournament, but qualify for MDL as well. Seeing that the core four of Lethal Divide are still together for this season, it’s up to consti to be an improvement and not just a replacement to help push this team to the next level. Lethal Divide gets our nod to lead the Advanced division this season.  

Players to watch: snav & shane

Leading the season thirty-three postseason charge was none other than snav, carrying an impressive 90 ADR to his name at the end of the playoffs. 

Clutch Master shane won countless clutches in both the regular and postseason. One of which being an impressive 1v5 against Trivium in playoffs, who themselves qualified for MDL this season. No matter the odds, never count him out in the clutch.

Thunder Logic: Time for a rebound season

Thunder Logic

Allow me to set the stage for you. Season thirty-one: Thunder Logic makes Advanced playoffs, but falls short of the MDL relegation tourney. Season thirty-two rolls around; they make the best of it by ending the regular season with a 13-3 record. They make a postseason run which earns them a spot in the MDL tournament, which they capitalize on, qualifying for season thirty-three of MDL. Hopes were high for the team going into their first season of MDL. However, things did not pan out so smoothly. After their first season in the division, they found themselves in the MDL relegation tournament again. This time, they were fighting for the right to stay in the division they had worked so hard to qualify for the previous season. Unfortunately, they fell short, being knocked back down into the Advanced division. Now, they look to fight their way back into MDL once again.

Player to watch: PureR

This guy is no joke. A dedicated player looking to fight his way to the top after finishing a year long ban which expired in mid 2018. Prior to his ban being issued, PureR was playing in the MDL division. He has since been on the grind, looking to cement his place in the division yet again. Leading his teams ADR chart in season thirty-three, PureR is looking to have another strong performance this year. From aim to gamesense, this guy is a powerhouse player with the potential to win key aim duels and can never be counted out in the clutch.

FakeOut Nation: The time may be upon us!

FakeOut Nation

A mainstay of the division since its inception in season twenty-eight. Is season thirty-four the time for FakeOut Nation to have a breakout season? Although no one can say for certain, I would put these guys down as a dark horse for this season. Finishing two out of their last three seasons with playoff berths, this season may be the one where the stars align for this veteran Advanced squad. There is a certain X-factor that comes when players that know each other well, and have played together for some time make up the core of a team. The only player new to this squad is Lokier. The rest of this core have been or previously been members of this team. Either way, keep your eyes out for this squad.

Player to watch: CMX

I remember this man stomping me in Pre-Game Contender like it was yesterday. However, that was two years ago, and in a pick-up-game environment. Regardless, his mechanical skill is undeniable. In a game of raw aim I’d hedge my bets on CMX everytime. Given the experience of his supporting team members, combined with just a little hard work, I could see him filling up the highlight reels this season.

This wraps up our first of many Counter Nature articles! We hope you enjoyed and are excited about the many other articles and videos we will be bringing the CS community. We hope you all have a great week and come back to check out our future articles covering Open, Main, and Intermediate divisions!


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