ESEA Season 34: Main - Key Storylines

June 20, 2020
Article written by: Remington "R700" Rossignol

Not too long ago, a strong performance in Main playoffs earned you a spot in Premier. But now, in season thirty-four, competition is as high as ever and more needs to be done to advance into the upper tiers. Main could now be considered the true proving ground of league play. Any team with good aimers and a basic understanding of team-play can "pug" their way to success in Open or Intermediate playoffs. However, in Main playoffs, it can be assumed that your team's demos have been studied, and the opposing team's fraggers are at the same level as yours. It is no longer just a battle of prowess, but rather, a test to see if your team truly deserves to elevate to the highest level of the amateur scene in the Advanced division. In this article, we are happy to share some of our key storylines for the Main division in ESEA's thirty-fourth season of CS:GO.

Gradient Esports - Is this the season?

Gradient Esports

Just short... The two words that would describe this team last season. They finished last season with a 10-6 record, falling just short of playoffs. This season they look to take the next step; not only securing a playoff berth, but by securing a spot in Advanced. While only two players from last season's roster return (BeaKie and Wee), they have appeared to bolster their squad with the additions of Philadelphia based veteran exoi and trnr. Adam JW is back playing on his ‘Apple’ account as the team's fifth. This raises the question: If Gradient qualify for Advanced this season, will we see the return of Adam JW to regular play? This writer can only hope so.

Player to watch: BeaKie

When it comes to mechanical consistency, there are few players in Main on the level of BeaKie. Last season he led the charge with a season ending 88 ADR and countless clutches to his name. Regardless of the team's performance this season, BeaKie is likely to perform.

Supremacy Gaming - Peru’s next great team?

Supremacy Gaming

Coming off a strong performance last season, Supremacy looks poised to take the division by storm this season. This team qualified for playoffs last season season but fell just short of qualifying for Advanced with after a 2-2 playoff record. Supremacy has been a contender in the Main division since qualifying for it by winning LATAM Open in season twenty-nine. Supremacy started their ESEA Main career with an 8-8 record and no playoffs in season thirty. However, since then, the team has made the playoffs in all following seasons and securing one or more wins each time, but falling just short of qualifying for Advanced. The biggest news of this team is their recent addition of cruzN. He just competed in last season of ESL Pro League. With this heavy-hitting addition to the team, Supremacy Gaming looks poised to make a run to the top. Will this be the season that Supremacy gets over the playoff hump? This writer thinks so.

Player to watch: cruzN

Hey, all you up and comers... This is the guy to watch. Watch the cool, collected gameplay of this veteran and learn first hand the skill that Peru has to offer. Experience and skill are two things this man has in spades. A prime example of who to watch to learn good habits. While some players constantly make foolish plays but manage to bail themselves out with mechanical prowess--cruzN is a prime example of a player who knows how to make good in-game decisions.

The Silent Effect - How far can pugging-out go?

The Silent Effect

The Silent Effect has played each match like a pick-up-game since their debut in season twenty-eight. This team will probably look to do the same again this season. After first stomping their way into the Main division in season thirty’s Intermediate playoffs; this team has learned firsthand the difficulties of the Main division by finishing their first season with a 5-11 record--resulting in a return back down to Intermediate. But, bleaK and company are not ones to take a hit lying down. They proceeded to stomp their way right back into Main. Their return to Main in season thirty-three saw them finish with a respectable 8-8 record. Now, the question becomes: Can they take it further? Last season, Freeze Unit earned a spot in Advanced with player just saying they pugged their way through the season. However, Freeze Unit had five unrivaled pugstars in their team last season. Does The Silent Effect have what it takes? This writer can’t wait to find out.

Player to watch: bleaK

The captain of the team who hasn’t missed a season since the team's inception. Seeing as the team is just pugging out, you might as well watch the leader of the goon squad himself.

GGPR esports - A new king on the block?

GGPR esports

On paper, this looks to be one of the hardest hitting lineups in the division. Returning player lowrider is the most recognizable name on this roster. He is experienced, skilled, cool, and collected. The late season thirty-three pickup CuZ1H has not missed Main playoffs since season twenty-six (with the exception of season thirty-two, during which he did not participate in league). The CS 1.6 veteran GOLA, qualified for and played in season twenty-five of MDL. This roster has both experience and skill in spades. After a disappointing 1-2 playoff run last season, this team looks to bounce back stronger than ever.

Player to watch: GOLA

No hand holding required. This guy knows what he’s doing before you even consider your first move. Despite closing in on thirty year of age, the sharpness of GOLA hasn’t gone anywhere. Let’s see what he can show us this season.  

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