Main Players to Watch

September 9, 2020
Article and video by: Noah "NoVa" Vaknin

YouTube video: Players to Watch: ESEA Main S35

This video breaks down the top players to be on the lookout for in ESEA Main Season 35. Congratulations to the below players for being included!

01:25 Kismer (Undesired Prophecy)

02:03 Plex (HighQ)

02:20 Stx (Dexa)

02:50 Sensor & tactile (AdAstra)

03:15 Royal1 (Aqualix E-sports)

03:39 PLx2 (Sinai Village)

04:11 Blur (VCU CSGO)

04:36 Subarashii (The Port Mafia)

04:55 Jonzy (Emergence)

05:16 Vok (Cerberus Esports)

05:32 Scouter (WhiteNoise)

05:50 Shock (glocconthawaist)

06:01 PhantomxD (tNt is Dynamite)

06:24 Life (sfsfsf)

06:44 Shade (STFU)

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