Top Free Agents before Roster Lock

June 20, 2020
Article written by: Mike "Nartouthere"

With the ESEA roster lock coming up on Sunday, June 14th, there are a number of teams scrambling to improve, strengthen, and secure their rosters. There are also a number of players looking for homes before being locked out until next season. Therefore, I've compiled a list of my top available players for Advanced. Apologies to anyone that I may have missed or forgotten.

📝 Top^

He was IGL for Trivium (Warriors International) in Season 33 of Advanced and led them to MDL. Recently, he was cut from Warriors International after poor results as of recent. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with his team. He is looking to join a very-top-tier Advanced squad, or find another MDL team.

📝 Momo^-^ 

Two seasons of Advanced playoffs with SKDC in Season 32 and Supernova in Season 33. He had an 82 ADR with SKDC and an impressive 89 ADR with Supernova. This season he is playing on an ALT account and helping his friend’s IM team. I got the pleasure of coaching him last season, and he is an amazing player. I am truly shocked that he is not in MDL right now. Any top Advanced or MDL teams that are looking for a player, please consider Momo. 

📝 Cam^

He played for Serac in Advanced Season 33. Serac qualified for playoffs and MDL regulation, where they were a couple of rounds short of qualifying for MDL, falling to InFinity Esports. Cam was about to join Supernova as a replacement for Aris--however, the team died. I don’t know Cam as a player but if cxzi and Powerzz approved of him to be their 5th, then he must be decent. 

📝 ShoukR

He is a very experienced player with four seasons of Advanced playoffs under his belt. He is looking to be picked up as an AWPer. I coached ShoukR on Rebirth Esports in Season 32, where we qualified for playoffs and MDL regulation. He is a great teammate and a hard worker. My favorite attribute of his is the leadership he possesses. When the team is down or tilted, he is there to hype everyone up and regain confidence and composure. I would compare him to tarik in that sense. I think he can help an Advanced team get to the next level with all of the experience he has.   

📝 Aris

He helped Clarity (12-4) to Advanced Playoffs in Season 32. He was the second best (statistically) player on his team behind Mada, holding an impressive 81.5 ADR. This season he played for Supernova (7-3) before the disband.  The team had a lot of fragging power and did not need him to carry a heavy load with cxzi and Wolffe leading the way. He is a great support player.

📝 Sensor

He made Advanced Playoffs last season. He was Shorty by Forty’s (3-9) statistically best player with an 84.17 ADR. 

📝 Darloosh

He played 9 games for 2hrs past 2 weeks (4-8) this season and had an 86.47 ADR. He was their best player, statistically. In Season 33 of Advanced, he played for MakeWarNotLove (3-13) and was also their best (statistically) player, holding an 85.67 ADR. He is looking for a more serious team. 

📝 Xzen

This season, he played 12 games for ex-303 Esports (2-10) in Advanced. He was their statistically best player, having an 81.28 ADR. He is also tied for the highest number of clutches (19) in Advanced. 

📝 CutzMeretz

In his first season of Advanced Season 33, he made playoffs with Prospects and had a 77.13 ADR. This season of Advanced, he is putting up big numbers with a 98.1 ADR--which is the 3rd highest ADR (minimum 100 frags) in Advanced.


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