Final Advanced Roster Changes before Lock

June 20, 2020
Article written by: Mike "Nartouthere"

With the roster lock coming and going for Season 34 of ESEA, the Advanced division saw a number of movements. Some players found teams, others did not. Here are the notable transactions that took place in ESEA Advanced.

Table of contents:
1. Kinship
2. Eclipse GG
3. Rise Esports Club
4. Addice Inc
7. RBG Esports
8. Big Chillin
9. The Survey Corps

Kinship (11-1) 

Kinship added Wolffe due to Supernova having their players poached by ETHEREAL.  Wolffe adds a lot of fire power to the Kinship lineup and helps bolster their run for MDL. After joining the roster, Wolffe received an MDL offer but it never went through. He will start in place for naes.

Eclipse GG (8-6)

Eclipse GG added Cam^ in place for Ange who is focusing on Valorant. Cam^ was supposed to be Supernova’s 5th after they benched aris, however, the roster disbanded due to cxzi and Powerzz joining ETHEREAL. Cam^ is already proving his worth as he dropped 39 frags and 104.9 ADR vs Springroll (7-7) earlier this week. 

Rise Esports Club (7-6)

Rise benched JPARK in place for consti, who was playing with Lethal Divide earlier this season. JPARK was underperforming, he has transitioned to Valorant. Consti is no stranger to Rise, as he played 23 matches for them last season. Last week, consti helped Rise upset RBG. He led the way with 23 kills and 93 ADR. 

Addice Inc (9-2)

Addice added Sensor. He has played the past two matches replacing tw1ggy. I reached out to some of the Addice players in regard to the roster addition and asked if Sensor was starting or a backup--Addice players did not respond. Sensor has spent the past 4 seasons with Shorty by Forty.

CLG RED (6-8)

CLG RED benched bENITA and used Riku as a stand-in for 4 games while the team searched for a new 5th. Juli joined the roster on June 5th, and has since played 3 games as CLG RED’s new 5th. Previously, she played two seasons of ESEA Intermediate with ANEW and 3 seasons of ESEA Main with Drama, who disbanded on May 27th. Since Juli has joined the roster, Riku is now seen in the coaching position. I reached out to CLG RED regarding the roster changes and they did not answer.

MMTFB (8-6) 

MMTFB replaced Nanners with AJaxz. Nanners was not performing well statistically. AJaxz was a starter for Russian Street Party (7-7), putting up 89 ADR. 


RBG Esports (10-2)

RBG picked up Sway as their backup before the roster lock. Sway played for Eco Fraggers Anonymous (6-8) for the past 3 seasons. 

Big Chillin (10-3)

Big Chillin added melloh to be their backup. melloh was playing with ex-303 Esports (2-12) who are currently dead. 

The Survey Corps (10-4)

TSC added Shibal as a backup. He played in 9 games for Prospects (7-7) this season. 

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