ESEA Season 34: Week 6 - Advanced Power Rankings

June 20, 2020
Article written by: Mike "Nartouthere"

Counter Nature is happy to release our latest Power Rankings for ESEA Advanced. At the end of Week 6, there are only two teams who kept their previous ranking. Check out Nartouthere's opinion on the current state of Advanced, below. These rankings are also available on our normal Power Rankings page.

#1 Thunder Logic (9-2)

Thunder Logic is my number one team in Advanced right now. They just overtake RBG for #1 in the rankings. This team is in really good form right now and have big wins over Supernova and Big Chillin in Advanced. In WINNERS League, they took Recon5 and U21 to overtime and have two big wins over Swedish Canadians and New England Whalers. They play RBG Esports on Monday, so that match will determine who takes or keeps the #1 spot.

#2 RBG Esports (8-1)

RBG suffered their first loss of the season versus Big Chillin in Advanced. They have been playing well recently, with impressive performances against Triumph and Polar Ace in Winners League. If they can beat Thunder Logic on Monday, they will take their #1 position back. 

#3 Big Chillin (8-3)

Despite having 3 losses with a 2 game losing streak (Ekasi & Thunder Logic), Big Chillin took a huge win over RBG--which was RBG's first loss of the ESEA season. Many have and had RBG as their #1 in Advanced. That win definitely gives them a boost in the rankings. In Mythic League Invite, they split maps 1-1 vs. Warriors International. 

#4 Ekasi Esports (9-1)

Ekasi is currently ranked #1 in ESEA Advanced's standings, with their only loss coming from ImPerium Esports. However, I need to see more out of this team before I can move them up in the Counter Nature rankings. They are a new squad and recently demolished Big Chillin 16-8. They do play RBG on Wednesday which will allow for a better grasp of how good this team really is. 

#5 ImPerium Esports (7-3)

Coach KayJay spoke highly of this team and had them ranked #5 in his Advanced rankings. ImPerium Esports delivered Ekasi their only loss in Advanced and also beat Big Chillin in Winners League. They did however have losses to SKDC, Aerial Ascend, and MMTFB. I think it is easy for everyone to see the potential that this team has. I can’t wait to see how they match up against Supernova on June 14th.

#6 Addice Inc (7-1)

Addice are composed of ex-MDL players. Their strength of schedule and the opponents they've played so far are not that impressive. However, they do have Big Chillin, RBG, and Ekasi scheduled for their upcoming matches. If they beat Big Chillin next week, they will immediately establish themselves as a top team; considering all of the experience they have.

#7 Supernova (7-3)

Supernova dropped a lot in rankings due to their recent losses over Thunder Logic and Eclipse GG. Also, the team is going through a major roster change as stamina and aris are benched while agony, Cam^, and Lacore (6th) have joined the roster. Despite the losses and roster changes, it doesn’t change the fact that they do still have a roster with a lot of fire-power behind cxzi and Wolffe. 

#8 Lethal Divide (8-3)

This squad made MDL regulation last season. I honestly expected them to have a much better season so far. Currently, they have losses to teef, Prospects, and an abysmal 1-16 loss to Freeze Unit. Their schedule has been pretty easy thus far--avoiding any top teams. We’ll see how they do when they play Thunder Logic on June 14th.

#9 Kinship (8-1)  

Kinship has had an easy schedule. However, over the next two weeks, we’ll see what they are made out of with match-ups against Ekasi, Addice, Supernova, and RBG. 

#10 Third Impact (7-4)

Honestly, it was really hard to pick a team at #10. You can place many teams in this rank. Third Impact had a slow start to the season (2-3) due to having 2 new players, viz and insne who took over the calling. It looks like they have found their stride and have won 5 of their last 6 games as of recently. Their one loss came as a result of playing with their coach. They have games against Eclipse GG, Rise, and SwayGG that they should win and take another step closer to playoffs. 

Note: These are my opinions on rankings. Please take it with a grain of salt and don’t get too upset. Thanks <3 - Nartouthere

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