Season 34 Superlatives

June 22, 2020
Article written by: Remington “R700” Rossignol
Contributions by: Mike "Nartouthere"

Season thirty-four playoffs are only a few short moments away. Soon all the top prospects from every division will have a chance to duke it out for a higher division slot in season thirty-five, as well as some of that sweet prize money. But before that, we here at Counter Nature are looking to roll back the clock on this season. By giving some credit where credit is due. However, we aren’t looking at what you might expect us to be looking at. Today we are going over this season's superlatives. Not just what player manages the highest ADR or most wins in their division. We’re looking at the unsung heroes of season thirty-four. Without further adieu, here are your season thirty-four superlatives.

Table of Contents
1. Things are better with friends
2. Voice of an Angel
3. Hungry for Success
4. Most Mid-season Growth
5. Most Potential
6. Biggest upset
7. Best Comeback
8. Best Roster Change

Things are better with friends: koalanoob & f1ukie

Before season thirty-four both players had a combined experience level of Intermediate. In terms of mechanical skill, neither player was ever in question. But many had their doubts about this inexperienced duo coming straight into Advanced. However, both players have performed very well this season and have helped lead their team to a winning record, with a shot at playoffs. The future looks bright for these young up and comers. 

Voice of an Angel: CuZ1H

This man does not speak. He simply opens his mouth and pure gold comes out. CuZ has been stepping up his streaming game lately, going live several times during the week. If you want to watch a skilled player with the voice of an angel, definitely check this guy out on twitch. 

Hungry for Success: NoVa

Dedicated to success and looking to make Advanced. Season thirty-four marks his fifth season playing in the division. Should his team win the last two games of the season, they should be a lock for playoffs. Is this the season he moves up? Only time will tell. But what we can already confirm, is his hunger for success.

Most Mid-season Growth: Brigada

You can observe this team growing week by week. They are hungry to play--and win or lose, they always manage to put up a good fight. Should they fall short in playoffs this season, I would put them as front-runners next season barring any major roster changes.

Most Potential: YeniCherry

Dedicated, well practiced, and always looking to grow. This squad has shown a lot of potential across their first two seasons. Should they continue to grind together and work to develop, this is a squad to keep your eyes on.

Biggest upset: Rise Esports Club

Rise Esports Club took down RBG Esports 16-13 in Advanced, after losing to them 2 weeks earlier 1-16 and 3-16 in Mythic League. This was a big statement and prideful moment for Rise.

Best Comeback : Big Chillin

Big Chillin was down 10-14 versus ImPerium Esports on T-side of train and put together 6 consecutive rounds to claw their way back to a 16-14 victory.

Best Roster Change: Kinship

Kinship hit the jackpot when Supernova disbanded. Wolffe being added to this Kinship roster really took them to another level that seems to make the push to MDL all the more plausible.

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