S35 Advanced Playoffs: Grand Finals

December 4, 2020

Article written by: John "JAYEL"

First things first, we must address the elephant in the room. We all know the most important news today is the new CSGO Operation: Broken Fang. Once you’ve gone over there and bought your pass, feel free to come back and continue reading about the S35 ESEA Advanced Grand Finals between Yeah Gaming and GGPR esports. 

We’ve reached the end of the Advanced season and we’re met with a Grand Finals that a decent amount of people predicted this time around (compared to last seasons surprise match-up between Third Impact and Thunder Logic). Yeah Gaming versus GGPR esports. If you didn’t get the chance to check out our previous article on the Final 8 teams of Advanced playoffs, you can get a good background on these two teams by checking it out here.

Since Round 3 of the Advanced playoffs, both of these teams have gone through a number of matches that will paint a good picture of what to expect in this Grand Finals match-up--a rematch from their Round 4 meeting in the Upper Bracket.   

GGPR esports

GGPR esports has had a grind of a playoffs thus far, but they made it to where they wanted--the Grand Finals. In-the-trench battles versus Revenant Esports (2-1) and SKDC (2-1) brought them to the Upper-bracket finals versus Yeah Gaming. Unfortunately, reality met opportunity and Yeah Gaming made quick-work of them in two maps.

Since "passing-through" the Lower-bracket finals versus Rise Esports Club, GGPR will have the opportunity to shock-the-world versus Yeah Gaming in the Grand Finals. It will be difficult being a map down already, but last season taught us that anything is possible--with Third Impact becoming the first team to win the Advanced Grand Finals as the lower-bracket competitor.

Quick Interview with lowrider from Third Impact

Last season GGPR esports won ESEA Main after an undefeated playoffs run and this season you follow it up with an appearance in the ESEA Advanced Finals. Firstly, congratulations; Secondly, how does it feel? I think this is an accomplishment in itself and I don’t think anyone was counting on GGPR making it this far in their first season of Advanced. What was your goal for the team at the beginning of the season?

Coming into the season I knew we had enough aim alone to beat any team in Advanced; It just came down to putting in the hours. I can't say we feel any different now than we did at the beginning of the season. We were expecting a Yeah gaming vs GGPR final early on.

Your team made a number of roster changes this season. When did you know you had the five-man team you felt confident with and how did this new group come together?

We always felt confident that we had a five that could make it to the finals with any variation--we just weren't sure how they would fair in MDL. I wanted to find a five this season that would be MDL-ready and able to compete right away. I believe myself, creed, and exotic have been ready and we came to believe the same with jeorge and v1c early on in the season.

What have been the keys to GGPR’s success this season?

Confidence and being open to criticism. We have a lot of players with opinions on this team, which can be a bad thing, but it allows us to not become content and static with our playstyle. Playing loose and with confidence, as well as allowing our individual skill to shine has been a big thing we've tried to focus on this season.

You have already played YeaH Gaming in this playoffs series, falling 2-0. What are some of the biggest challenges in playing a team like YeaH? Were there any things you didn’t expect in your previous matches played that really stood out to you?

We really don't feel like there's anything they did special, they're just confident in looking for openings on the map and their aim is on point as they put a lot of hours into the game. The previous match isn't something we're really focused on, we're just going into this match looking to play our game.

What’s your prediction for the finals Bo5?

3-1 GGPR....

YeaH Gaming


One of the clear-cut advantages that Yeah Gaming will have coming into this Grand-finals tonight is that they will have already played a high-level Bo3 versus New England Whalers right beforehand. The Group B match-up is for the DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 NA and will be more than decent warmup for the Yeah powerhouse.

Since our last article, YeaH Gaming has played two playoff series versus GSG9 and GGPR esports. The series versus GSG9 proved that Yeah was capable of losing, and, losing quite convincingly at that. After losing a depressing map 1 on dust2, GSG9 clapped back with a 16-6 win on Overpass versus the Yeah juggernaut. After the series tied 1-1, Yeah and GSG9 went into OT on an exciting decider map of Inferno. It was there that Yeah Gaming was able to secure their livelihood in the upper-bracket, but GSG9 made a statement for themselves and for Yeah Gaming's humanness.

Besides defeating GGPR in the Upper-bracket finals, Yeah Gaming has been impressing against other tough opponents. Last weekend, they conquered the ESEA Autumn Cash Cup 4 NA, after taking down ex-Cloud9 and fellow Brazilians paiN Gaming.

With all of this being said, Yeah Gaming is on an absolute tear right now, and they are expecting nothing less than winning this ESEA Advanced Grand Finals in convincing fashion.

Check out the match TONIGHT (December 3rd) at 9:30 PM EST! Streams below:

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