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July 13, 2021

Article written by: John "JAYEL"

Counter Nature CS will be going into its fifth season in S38. We are not stopping. We want to continue our progress & provide our team with the best opportunity to achieve Premier and tournament success. In order to do that, we need a bigger and more reliable team to help.

While the team did not have the season it wanted in ESEA (missing Advanced playoffs with a 9-7 record), it had some great performances in online tournaments. The S37 team of wry, jayy, jsfeltner, sup3rant, and Tender brought Counter Nature to the best HLTV ranking in our history (#123 in the world as of July 12th, 2021). This ranking was due to our impressive runs in March's cs_summit 8 Open Qualifier and June's DreamHack Open June 2021 NA Open and Closed Qualifiers.

Counter Nature CS HLTV World Ranking as of July 12th, 2021

This article will now detail some of the responsibilities expected from each of the roles we currently have open. If you are interested in any of the positions, please fill out the Google Forms Survey at the bottom of the article.

Current Openings:
  • Team Manager
  • Team Coach
  • Team Analyst
  • Team Streamer
💼 Team Manager

This role will be responsible for all day-to-day operations of the team. Specifically, staying up-to-date with the match dates and times to ensure we have our Twitch streamer locked in and all design assets sent out accordingly. Other responsibilities will be to check-in with the team at large and make sure everyone is on the same page. From the players, the coach, the analyst, and streamers--you are the glue that keeps everyone together and on the same page (I need a leader here). Finally, I would like for this person to be more hands-on with managing our @CounterNatureCS Twitter, tweeting upcoming match graphics and match result graphics (any other social media management would be encouraged, too).

The biggest responsibility of the Team Manager is to ensure all of our matches have the streamer locked-in and design assets are met. If you have an interest in marketing and advertising, there are big plans in the works that will need help with, so this can be a huge internship and learning opportunity for a new innovation (see CNOV8 for more details).

💼 Team Coach

The Coach of Counter Nature CS is a flexible role. I understand there are many flavors of coaches, so I am interested in seeing all sides of them. In my eyes, however, our coach is someone who can keep the team on a good practice schedule, keep team spirit high, and make sure the squad is focused when they need to be.

In regards to scheduling, I think the coach needs to understand the lives of the players and how the variety of responsibilities can agree on set times and practice regiments. For keeping team spirit high, the coach needs to be able to handle the volatility and emotion of scrims and matches, and be able to harness those moments and pivot towards the right direction. Finally, focus needs to be engrained in the team and yourself. Figure out how the team plays, the personalities of each player, and make sure you understand what "focus" means for the team. Make sure the team is focused when they need to be.

Once again, I understand the coaching position has many varieties--and some people see this as a more tactical role. I lean more towards scheduling, emotion, and focus; I am easily convincible that a more tactical coach is a better choice here, so lets talk.

💼 Team Analyst

For me, the Analyst is the tactician of the team. These responsibilities would include putting together game plans for the players and coach to review. Constantly analyzing our scrim and match demos to ensure our positioning and player-pairing on bombsites is working to the best of our advantage. Upon getting into the season, the analyst should be reviewing and preparing game plans for our big matches.

This analyst should be integrating themselves into the team and gaining the same understanding as the Coach. How does the team work and what are our strengths and weaknesses--how can I harness that? 

💼 Team Streamer

While we have a number of reliable streamers (shout out to Melanin and Xner), I would like to be able to get someone who can commit to nearly every match of ours. If this is you, reach out.

Ideally, you can follow the team's schedule with the Team Manager and be prepared for every match on our Twitch channel. Building a relationship with the Twitch viewers is something that we really need. I am even interested in making this position a duality of Caster and Content Creator. If you can cast a match and put together clips and other content for YouTube and Twitter, that would be ideal.


If any of the above roles interest you, please fill out the following survey: 

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