Hanging out w/ SPERMY & Zander from Counter Nature CS

November 8, 2020
Article by: John "JAYEL"

In this episode, Xner and JAYEL talk with Zander and Spermy from the Counter Nature CS team about their progress in Advanced this season. We discuss some of their big wins, how they have evolved and what's been working well for them, and how they are preparing for their big playoffs match versus YeaH Gaming.

Time Stamps:

03:20 Zander's background and history of Counter Nature CS
05:23 Spermy's background and IGL style
09:26 CN CS feelings on playing YeaH Gaming in Upper Round 2
10:40 Feelings on Triumph upset in FPL Cup
12:00 Cash Cups = Best Practice
13:40 Bridging the EU and NA gap with copy pasta
15:18 Biggest points for Counter Nature CS's improvement
18:55 Addice x Spermy history
21:00 Underdogs of Advanced Playoffs
23:14 GGPR or GSG9?
24:45 Xner luvs Revenant

Discord: https://discord.gg/g3MSDPa
Our website: https://counternature.net
Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/CounterNature
Xner's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xner20
SPERMY's Twitter: https://twitter.com/SPERMYcsgo
Zander's Twitter: https://twitter.com/zander_fps
CN CS Team's Twitter: https://twitter.com/CounterNatureCS

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