The Counter Nature Show

July 31, 2020
Article written by: John "JAYEL"

We are officially on YouTube! The Counter Nature Show premiered its first episode on July 29th. JAYEL and Xner will be hosting the show on a weekly basis, discussing the latest updates in the Counter Strike scene.

The show will evolve as episodes continue onward, but we are excited to get in front of the camera and provide updates on the latest news in the amateur and semi-professional Counter Strike scene. We will of course be covering any big news in the professional scene and any other big-time gaming news in general.

This is an experiment and we hope you all enjoy it!

Tune in on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM EST on our Twitch channel, or catch it on YouTube afterwards! Make sure you follow our Twitch and subscribe to our YouTube! Please leave some feedback if you have any suggestions--we are excited to hear from you!

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