ESEA Season 34: Week 2 - Advanced and Main Recap

June 20, 2020
Article written by: Remington "R700" Rossignol

Week two of the thirty-fourth season of ESEA League has given us many new storylines to take a look at. From new teams on the rise, to old contenders slipping--here is what you may have missed in week two!

Table of Contents:

1. ESEA Advanced: teef lead the Advanced division at the end of week two

2. ESEA Advanced: Ekasi Esports start their rebound season on the right foot

3. ESEA Advanced Player of the Week: VolcaN (Able Esports)

4. ESEA Main: Playoff contenders Valkyrie drop first map of the season in OT nail biter

5. ESEA Main Player of the Week: jsfeltner (CyberstormGG)

ESEA Advanced: teef lead the Advanced division at the end of week two


After qualifying for Advanced in season thirty-two main playoffs; season thirty-three saw teef end the season with a 7-9 record. Avoiding relegation, but also missing playoffs: a “run of the mill” season if you will. However, season thirty-four has looked a lot more promising for the squad. They’ve won their first four matches, ending the second week undefeated. Three of their four wins have come from victories over teams that made the Advanced playoffs last season. One of them being against Lethal Divide, who we previously covered in our Advanced Pre-Season Picture. Watch out, Advanced division, we may have a new playoff contender on the rise.

ESEA Advanced: Ekasi Esports start their rebound season on the right foot

Ekasi Esports

After finishing with a 6-10 record in back-to-back Advanced seasons, season thirty-four is starting on a promising note for Ekasi Esports. They’ve claimed two close victories on Overpass. One of these was a 16-14 nail-biter versus Vipes Anime Squad, and the other was a 16-13 win over CLG Red. Their third win of the season came as a forfeit from the dead team Hedgehogs. At the time of writing this article, the team is 3-0. With an upcoming match against the 0-3 SUMMER HARVEST squad on Inferno, this team is looking hot at the possibility of going 4-0. This has been a much needed solid start to the season for a team that has nearly been relegated in their last two seasons. Keep it up Ekasi, and best of luck with the remainder of the season.

ESEA Advanced Player of the Week: VolcaN (Able Esports)

Diamond Emoji Vector - Vecteur h

In their first match of the season; VolcaN played an instrumental role in helping his team secure a double-overtime victory on Overpass. VolcaN ended the match with a 93 ADR, and topped the entire lobby’s frag chart--finishing the match with 39 scalps to his name. In their final match of week two, VolcaN once again led the charge to victory. He ended that game with 28 kills to his name and a 94 ADR. At the end of week two, VolcaN currently sits at number one on the total AWP kills chart for the Advanced division this season. Watch out boys, there’s a new boomstick general on the block.

ESEA Main: Playoff contenders Valkyrie drop first map of the season in OT nail biter


I’ve had multiple sources tell me in the pre-season: This is a roster to watch. From my own assessment, this team is a lock for playoffs--barring any team meltdowns or late season complacency. Last season, they fell just short of qualifying for Advanced after making a strong run in the playoffs. So, it isn’t much of a stretch to say that they will pick up where they left off, and make the final leap in the playoffs this season. But, in their first match of week two: we saw this team take their first loss of the season, against Scrub Garden, who also qualified for the Main playoffs last season. 

Starting on the T-side, Valkyrie came out swinging. They won the first eight rounds before Scrub Garden could respond with a round win of their own. At the end of the half the game looked to be a lock for Valkyrie--moving to the CT-side with a 12-3 scoreline in their favor. However, Scrub Garden still had some fight left in them. After getting dominated on their CT-side, Scrub Garden put on a masterclass T-side effort to pull the comeback and secure overtime; in which they would ultimately best their opponents. 

On paper, this can be chalked up as a choke. But, what is more important is the lessons both teams can walk away with after this game. Scrub Garden can walk away knowing that any game can be won. No matter the caliber of team, no matter the odds, it is always doable. For Valkyrie, this serves as a reminder. Counter-Strike is a game of two halves. Letting off the gas for even a moment can cost you in the long run. But, before we call this loss a negative, I ask you this: Do you remember the 2007 New England Patriots? If not, allow me to enlighten you. The Patriots in the 2007 regular season finished with a 16-0 record. A monumental accomplishment in of itself. They stormed their way through the playoffs and found themselves in the Super Bowl against massive underdogs, the New York Giants. But when the confetti fell at the end of that Super Bowl, it was the Giants who had won. Eli Manning was Super Bowl MVP, not Tom Brady. I remember watching with bated breath as Eli Manning led the 4th quarter drive to take the lead with thirty-five seconds remaining in the game. So, why am I telling you this? Well, the moral of the story is this: New England had forgotten what it means to lose. They had gotten so used to stomping their opponents that they had gotten complacent. They underestimated the Giants and lost the big game as a result. If Valkyrie are as good of a team as I have been told, then they should use this game as a teachable moment. Let this remind them that complacency will be their downfall, not their ability or lack thereof. Any team can win on any given day. Play every game like it is your Super Bowl. Practice for every game with the same tenacity you practice with come the playoffs. 

Congrats on the amazing comeback, Scrub Garden, and best of luck with the rest of your season, Valkyrie. 

ESEA Main Player of the Week: jsfeltner (CyberstormGG)

Diamond Emoji Vector - Vecteur h

It’s hard to argue that this man isn’t a top 5 rifler in main right now. Frankly, I don’t see him finishing the season with his current team. Not because they will kick him, but I can see a multitude of Advanced rosters giving this guy a chance before the season is done. Four games in and jsfeltner is sitting on a 109 ADR for the season. This guy has the ability to willpower any team to victory. If you haven't been keeping tabs on him; this guy is an up-and-comer to watch out for.

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